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Solar Panel Kits for Residential Projects

Using a solar panel kit saves time and money by having everything you need in one package.

Solar is the future, if you want to be part of its growth, please join us!

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For Solar Installers

Sell and install for double income, higher profit margin, no stock pressure

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For Solar Startups

Access to premium products with low MOQ at manufacturer's price


For Homeowners

Buy professionally configured solar package from the source at lowest cost

Analyze the requirements based on electricity usage, load demands, available space, sunlight resources, and others.
Recommend or customize a solution based on the analysis results to meet the customer's needs.
Test the electrical and communication compatibility between solar panels, inverters, and batteries.
Customize the packaging, handle with care, and deliver the goods to the designated port or your doorstep.
Provide wiring diagrams and manuals to guide the customer in completing the system installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What's included in the solar kit?

Our solar kit typically includes solar panels,  inverter,  battery storage system,  mounting hardware, cables, and other necessary accessories. Basically, everything you will need on the DC side for the installation. The specific components may vary depending on the kit size and configuration.

What kind of brands are you selling for the solar panels and inverters?

Depending on availability, prices, and certification requirements for specific markets, the brands we sell include Jinko, JA, Longi, Trina, Amerisolar, Growatt, Deye, and some others. Whether they are well-known or not, we only sell products with good quality and sophisticated designs.

Can I put my company name on the solar panels and inverters?

For hybrid systems and on-grid systems, it is generally not recommended to use your own brand as special certifications are required for grid connection. Doing so may void the certifications. However, for off-grid products, OEM is possible, subject to certain quantity requirements.

What kind of certification does your kit have?

The major components of our solar panel kits are certified by reputable industry standards and organizations. They typically have certifications such as CE, TUV, and UL, which ensure compliance with safety and performance standards. Additionally, our kits may have certifications specific to your region or country, ensuring they meet local requirements.

What are the warranty terms for the products?

Our solar panel kits have a warranty covering manufacturing defects and performance issues. The warranty period varies depending on the product. It's 15 years for solar panels and 5 years for hybrid inverter and lithium batteries. Other components are typically warranted for 1 year.  Please refer to the product documentation for detailed warranty information.

What kind of qualifications do I need to become your distributor or installer?

To become a distributor or installer, you must first be a registered entity capable of handling the import of goods. Secondly, you should purchase at least one set of our kit, install it, and get familiar with the products. Lastly, you should be able to install systems and provide basic after-service to local end-users.

What kind of support can I get from you?

We offer detailed wiring diagrams for each kit and provide comprehensive support for our customers. Our support team is available to assist you with any technical questions or issues you may encounter during the installation or operation of the solar panel kit.

Do you have local delivery service in Europe?

At the moment, we are exploring this option. We have set up a warehouse in Germany to offer standardized 5kW and 10kW hybrid kits. We are also planning to expand our warehouse locations depending on market demand.

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