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  • 10kW-Hybrid-Kit
    Hybrid Solar Kits

    10kW Hybrid Solar Kit

    Discover the versatility of the 10kW Hybrid Solar Kit, a comprehensive solution for residential solar needs. Tailored to lowering electricity costs and delivering dependable backup power, this kit provides all essentials for an effective solar installation. Achieve energy self-sufficiency at home with this economical and sustainable energy alternative.

  • 10kw Split phase inverter
    Solar Inverters

    10kW Split Phase Inverter

    SPI-10K-U, a 10kW 120/240V split phase inverter, with 2 MPPTs, time slots for charging and discharging of batteries, can use grid, generator as backups, ideal for off-grid solar applications in North American markets.

  • DEYE-10kW-three-phase-removebg-preview
    Solar Inverters

    8-10-12kW Hybrid Solar Inverter

    Discover the SUN-10K-SG04LP1-EU hybrid solar inverter: a residential energy game-changer with parallel scalability, cost efficiency, and TOU functionality for optimized solar usage and reduced grid dependence.

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