Single Post Ground Mount Solar Mounting – MetisSP

Explore the efficiency of MetisSP for utility-scale solar: robust galvanized steel construction, rapid installation, terrain adaptability, and optimal solar yield. Ideal for diverse ground mount solar projects.

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Single Post Ground Mount Solar Mounting – MetisSP

Strong, Versatile

MetisSP is a ground mount solar mounting system particularly catering to the demands of utility-scale solar projects. This innovative system, known for its single-post design, combins efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness. The design primarily utilizes high-grade galvanized steel and Zn-Al-Mg coated steel, materials chosen for their resilience and longevity.

MetisSP stands as a testament to advanced engineering, offering a robust platform for solar arrays, capable of withstanding diverse environmental conditions.

The single-post structure of MetisSP is a pivotal feature that sets it apart. This design expedites the deployment process, a critical advantage in large-scale solar installations where time and resource management are paramount. By simplifying the installation, MetisSP not only reduces labor costs but also diminishes the overall project timeline, enabling a faster transition to solar energy utilization. Moreover, this system is adept at adapting to various terrains, minimizing the need for extensive ground preparation. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in utility-scale projects where site conditions can vary significantly.

single-post ground mount solar mounting
Single post

Single-Post Support

The cornerstone of MetisSP, facilitating swift and cost-effective installation processes.

Terrian Adapability

Terrain Versatility

Engineered for adaptability, MetisSP thrives in diverse environmental settings, reducing preparatory work.

Cost-Effective Installation

Its streamlined design minimizes labor and resource usage, offering an economical solution for large-scale solar projects.

Durable Construction

Utilizing robust materials, MetisSP stands resilient against environmental challenges, ensuring longevity and reliability.

ram post

Omega Post

Galvanized post, great balance between cost, strength and anti-corrision. 

Girder-ground mount solar mounting

Girder / Rail

Self-healing Zn-Al-Mg coated steel, customized shape for efficiency.

Single Post Ground Mount Solar Mounting – MetisSP

- FAQ -

What is the MetisSP system?

MetisSP is a sophisticated ground mount solar mounting system specifically engineered for utility-scale solar installations. It's designed with a robust single-post structure, utilizing high-quality galvanized steel and Zn-Al-Mg coated steel. This system is tailored to provide a strong, durable foundation for solar panels, ensuring reliable performance in various environmental conditions.

How does the single-post design enhance the installation process?

The unique single-post design of MetisSP significantly streamlines the installation process. This innovative approach allows for rapid deployment, which is particularly beneficial in large-scale solar projects where time efficiency is crucial. The design minimizes the need for extensive labor, resulting in considerable cost savings and reducing the overall project timeline.

What’s the difference between hot dip galvanized and Zn-Al-Mg coated steel?

From cost and structural strength points of view, Zn-Al-Mg is becoming more and more popular. It offers similar or even better strength but with lower cost and faster delivery. But for projects close to the ocean, it’s still recommended to use hot dip galvanized steel.

What kind of projects is MetisSP suitable for?

MetisSP is ideal for a variety of ground solar installations, catering to commercial, and utility-scale projects, especially those with uneven terrain.

What support is available during the installation?

We provide detailed installation guides, drawings, and dedicated customer support for a seamless experience. The structural calculation is also available for industrial projects. 

What information shall I provide for an accurate quote?

The following info is usually required, the more detailed, the better.

  • Soil test report;
  • Desired layout of the solar panels;
  • Wind and snow conditions of the region.
What's the warranty terms?

While the product is designed to last for 25-30 years, we warrant that the Products designed and manufactured by
Megawa Solar shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 years. 

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