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  • 10kW-Hybrid-Kit
    Hybrid Solar Kits

    10kW Hybrid Solar Kit

    Discover the versatility of the 10kW Hybrid Solar Kit, a comprehensive solution for residential solar needs. Tailored to lowering electricity costs and delivering dependable backup power, this kit provides all essentials for an effective solar installation. Achieve energy self-sufficiency at home with this economical and sustainable energy alternative.

  • 10kw Split phase inverter
    Solar Inverters

    10kW Split Phase Inverter

    SPI-10K-U, a 10kW 120/240V split phase inverter, with 2 MPPTs, time slots for charging and discharging of batteries, can use grid, generator as backups, ideal for off-grid solar applications in North American markets.

  • hybrid solar inverter 5kw
    Solar Inverters

    3.6-5-6kW Hybrid Solar Inverter

    A high-efficiency, reliable hybrid solar inverter for residential systems. It offers grid-tied functionality, max. 16pcs working in parallel, time-of-use functionality, and more advanced features. Maximize solar power conversion, seamlessly connect to the grid, and harness clean energy for your home with this efficient and dependable solution.

  • 400 watt solar panel
    Solar Panels

    400 Watt Solar Panel

    400 Watt Solar Panel, aesthetic full-black, 11BB PERC half-cell, higher power output, reduced shading effect, lower risk of hot spot, ideal for residential solar deployments.

  • 410w solar panel
    Solar Panels

    410W Solar Panel

    Discover the aesthetic and efficient 410W Solar Panel. Full-black design, low reflection, Multi Busbar technology, good low-light performance, PID resistant. Ideal for residential projects.

  • 48 volt lithium battery
    Energy Storage Batteries

    48 Volt Lithium Battery -Wall-mounted

    Explore the RM48L series – a 48 volt lithium battery tailored for residential solar. High energy density, long lifespan, rapid charging and efficient. Ideal for eco-conscious homes. Learn more about this innovative solar solution.

  • 48V Lithium Ion Battery
    Energy Storage Batteries

    48V Lithium Ion Battery – Rack-mounted

    Explore the  48V Lithium Ion Battery for residential energy storage. Offering compatibility, low maintenance, and efficient power. Ideal for modern, eco-conscious homes.

  • 550 watt solar panel
    Solar Panels

    550 Watt Solar Panel

    Experience the efficiency of our 550 watt solar panel, expertly designed for optimal energy conversion. This high-capacity panel combines advanced technology with durable construction, ensuring reliable power generation in diverse conditions.

  • 5kW Hybrid Kit
    Hybrid Solar Kits

    5kW Hybrid Solar Kit

    Explore our 5kW Hybrid Solar Kit, the all-in-one package for residential solar applications. Designed to reduce electricity bills and provide reliable backup, these kit offers everything you need for an efficient solar setup. Secure your home’s energy independence and embrace a cost-effective, renewable energy solution.

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