5kW Off grid Solar Inverter

HSI5500, an economical 5kw off grid solar inverter, solar, grid, generator charging options, 6 pcs working in parallel for scalability.  With advanced MPPT, dual output modes, and comprehensive safety features, it’s ideal for anyone looking to optimize their renewable energy use.

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5kW Off grid Solar Inverter

The HSI5500 stands out as an economical and efficient 5kw off-grid solar inverter, designed to cater to a diverse range of energy needs. It is not just a solar inverter; it’s a versatile solution compatible with solar, grid, and generator charging options. This feature offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing users to harness energy from multiple sources depending on availability and necessity.

One of the most remarkable features of the HSI5500 is its scalability. The inverter is designed to work seamlessly in a parallel configuration with up to 6 units. This scalability feature means that the HSI5500 can easily adapt to varying power requirements, making it a perfect choice for both small-scale residential needs and larger, more demanding commercial setups.

With its focus on economical operation without compromising on performance, the HSI5500 is an ideal choice for those looking to optimize their renewable energy systems. Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, ensure uninterrupted power supply, or simply maximize the efficiency of your solar installation, the HSI5500 provides a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solution.


Power Output




Parallel Working


DC Inputs

Advanced Power Management

Robust power management with four versatile charge modes. MPPT efficience up to 99.9%.

Intelligent Charging and Power Conversion

The inverter guarantees precise, stable, and reliable battery charging with sophisticated algorithms.

5kw off grid solar inverter main

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Featuring two output modes, mains bypass, and inverter output, the HSI5500 ensures continuous power supply, crucial for reliability and operation in various settings.

Built for Scalability

Designed to work seamlessly in a parallel configuration with up to 6 units, adapt to varying power requirements from residential to commercial.

Technical Specifications
Rated Output Power:5500W
Max.Peak Power:11000VA
Rated Output Voltage:230VAC Single / Three-phase (Paralleled)
Max Parallels:6 PCS (33kW)
Battery Type:Lead-acid / Li-ion
Rated Battery Voltage:48V
Max. MPPT Charging: 100A
Max. PV Input:6000W
Max. DC Input500VDC
MPPT Range:120-450VDC
Technical Specifications
MPPT Efficiency:99.9%
Weight:10.5kg (23.15lb)
Protection Degree:IP20, Indor OnIy
Operating Temperature:-10℃~55℃
Embedded Interfaces:RS485 / USB / Dry contact
Communication:Wi-Fi / GPRS (Optional)
Safety:CE(IEC 62109-1)/ CETL(UL 1741 C22.2 NO.107.1) /FCC/SAA
EMC: EN61000

Frequently Asked Questions

5kW Off grid Solar Inverter

What does parallel working mean for a solar inverter?

Parallel working refers to the ability of a solar inverter to work in conjunction with multiple units in parallel. This feature allows for increased power output and system scalability. By adding more inverters in parallel, homeowners can expand their solar system's capacity without compromising efficiency or performance. Parallel working also enhances system reliability, as the load is distributed among multiple inverters, reducing the impact of a single point of failure.

What are the pros and cons of low-voltage batteries?

Pros of low-voltage batteries include lower cost, easy maintenance, and better compatibility. They are more affordable, require less effort to maintain, and work well with various systems.

However, there is a drawback. When the accumulative current in the system becomes too large, it can potentially lead to safety and efficiency issues.

But for residential storage systems below 20kWh, low-voltage batteries are a more balanced and economical choice.

What is the parallel communication function of the HSI5500?

This function allows multiple HSI5500 inverters to communicate with each other when they are operated in parallel. This is crucial for ensuring coordinated operation and efficiency in larger installations​

Does the HSI5500 off grid solar inverter have a current sharing detection feature?

Yes, in parallel operation, the HSI5500 includes a current sharing detection function. This ensures that the load is evenly distributed among all parallel-connected inverters, enhancing efficiency and reliability​

What is the dry contact function in the HSI5500 off grid solar inverter?

The dry contact function allows the inverter to control a diesel generator's switch for charging the battery. It automatically activates the generator when the battery voltage is low, ensuring continuous power supply

What are the different charging modes available in the HSI5500 off grid solar inverter?

The HSI5500 off grid solar inverter offers versatile charging modes to accommodate various energy needs and scenarios. These modes include:

  1. Solar Power Mode: In this mode, the inverter primarily uses solar energy to charge the battery. It's an eco-friendly option that maximizes the use of renewable energy. Ideal for sunny days when there's ample solar power available.

  2. Mains Power Priority: This mode gives preference to mains (grid) power for charging the battery. It’s useful when solar energy is insufficient, like during cloudy days or at night. The inverter will automatically switch to solar charging when mains power is not available or is more expensive.

  3. Solar Power Priority: Opposite to the mains priority, this mode prioritizes solar power for charging. The inverter will switch to mains power only when the solar energy is not adequate to meet the load demand. It's perfect for locations with high solar energy availability and for reducing reliance on the grid.

  4. Mixed Charging (Solar and Mains Power): This mode combines both solar and mains power for charging. It intelligently balances the use of solar and grid power, ensuring efficient energy usage and constant power supply. Ideal for maintaining a continuous power supply in varying environmental conditions.

  5. Generator Charging: If connected to a diesel generator, the inverter can also use it for charging, especially useful in areas with limited grid access or during prolonged power outages.

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