Cantilever Carport ApolloCC

Explore ApolloCC Cantilever Carport – a stylish, durable solar carport solution. Ideal for space-efficient, waterproof parking. Compatible with major solar panels. Enhance your property value with our easy-to-install, robust steel structure.

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Cantilever Carport ApolloCC

Stylish, Durable

The ApolloCC Cantilever Carport is a pioneering solution in solar energy carports, offering an innovative blend of functionality and sustainability. Engineered with high-grade steel, this product stands out for its robustness and durability, ensuring long-term service in various environmental conditions. A defining feature of the ApolloCC is its single cantilever design, which simplifies parking by eliminating obstructive columns and beams, providing a clear, unobstructed area for vehicles.

Furthermore, the ApolloCC is designed to be easily scalable and adaptable to different settings, whether for residential complexes, commercial establishments, or restaurants. Its waterproof feature adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding vehicles from weather elements. ApolloCC is more than just a carport; it’s a statement of modern, eco-friendly, and practical design. The carport’s sleek, aesthetic appeal enhances any property’s look, making it a smart choice for businesses and homeowners aiming to combine style with sustainability.

Cantilever Carport

Single Cantilever

Maximizes space utility and ease of parking, perfect for confined areas.

Waterproof Shelter

Offers reliable shelter for vehicles against rain and other weather elements.

Robust Material

Ensures durability and withstands diverse environmental conditions.


Ease of Installation

User-friendly setup and low upkeep requirements for long-term use.

Cantilever Carport ApolloCC

- FAQ -

What materials are used in the construction of ApolloCC cantilever carport?

The ApolloCC cantilever carport is constructed using hot dip galvanized steel, known for its durability and strength. This material ensures that the solar carport remains robust and resistant to environmental adversities, providing a long-lasting solution for your outdoor space.

How does the waterproof feature of ApolloCC benefit users?

It ensures vehicles are protected from rain and other weather elements, enhancing the carport's functionality.

Can I buy a solar carport kit with everything included directly from you?

Certainly! We offer solar carport kits that come with everything you need for installation. Our kits include solar panels, inverters, batteries, cables, and other necessary accessories. We also provide customization and integration services to meet your specific requirements.

Can ApolloCC be customized to fit different spaces?

Yes, its scalable design allows adaptation to various environments, from residential to commercial spaces.

What support is available during the installation?

We provide detailed installation guides, drawings, and dedicated customer support for a seamless experience. The structural calculation is also available for industrial projects. 

What information shall I provide for an accurate quote?

The following info is usually required, the more detailed, the better.

  • Soil test report;
  • Desired layout of the solar panels;
  • Wind and snow conditions of the region.
What's the warranty terms?

While the product is designed to last for 25-30 years, we warrant that the Products designed and manufactured by
Megawa Solar shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 years. 

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