Ballast Ground Mount Solar, MetisEW

MetisEW, your go-to ballast ground mount solar racking solution. East-west orientation, optimal for low-wind areas, quick installation. Transform your solar installation experience.

Ballast Ground Mount Solar, MetisEW

Ballast ground mount solar solutions are gaining traction due to their ease of installation and adaptability. Among the notable options is the MetisEW, a product poised to redefine how solar installations are done on the ground and on flat concrete roofs. This innovative solar mounting system adopts an east-west orientation, which is a strategy engineered to maximize space utilization, thereby increasing the solar panel capacity on any given space.

The MetisEW is a masterpiece crafted from high-quality aluminum and steel. Its ballast design is specially geared towards regions with lower wind speeds, making it a reliable choice without the need for penetrating the ground or roof. This design not only makes installation quicker and hassle-free but also minimizes the risk of leaks, a common concern with penetrating mounts. The MetisEW is a blend of efficiency, robustness, and ease of installation, tailored to meet the evolving demands of the solar industry.


No Penetration Framework

MetisEW’s design requires no drilling, preserving the structural integrity of the installation site, be it roof or ground.

Sturdy Material Construction

With a blend of aluminum and steel, MetisEW promises a resilient structure capable of withstanding varying conditions.


Quick and Easy Installation

With no need for ground or roof penetration, the installation process is significantly simplified.

Maximized Space Utilization

Ingenious design ensures every square foot counts, making it a boon for space-constrained urban settings.

Ballast Ground Mount Solar, MetisEW

- Frequently Asked Questions -

How does the east-west orientation benefit solar installations?

The east-west orientation allows for a higher number of panels to be installed within the same space, maximizing energy output.

What materials are used in the construction of MetisEW?

The mounting mails of MetisEW are constructed from high-quality aluminum and the major support is steel, ensuring robustness and longevity.

Can the MetisEW be installed on both ground and roof?

 Absolutely, the MetisEW is versatile and can be installed on either ground or roof, making it a flexible solution for various solar installation scenarios.

What support is available during the installation?

We provide detailed installation guides, drawings, and dedicated customer support for a seamless experience. The structural calculation is also available for industrial projects. 

What information is required to get an accurate quote ?

To get a quote, provide your project location, the number of solar panels, and the type of surface (ground or flat concrete roof), panel layouts. 

What's the warranty terms?

While the product is designed to last for 25-30 years, we warrant that the Products designed and manufactured by
Megawa Solar shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 years. 

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